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The MAS collection

The MAS collection comprises just over 600 000 objects and is fully searchable online. Browse here and discover the richness of the collection. Continue your search via MAS Collectie Online.

Paul and Dora Janssen-Arts collection

The Paul and Dora Janssen-Arts collection is a world-famous collection of artefacts from the Americas before Columbus. It illustrates like no other the extraordinary link between life and death in pre-Columbian cultures.

Masterpieces from the Governement of Flanders

Flanders possesses a magnificent collection of movable cultural heritage. With the 'Masterpieces Decree', the Flemish government wants to protect these unique cultural objects. Based on the decree, a list of rare and indispensable objects was compiled. Some of them are part of the MAS collection.

Collection online

Do you want to be able to enjoy all the MAS’s objects from the past, from Antwerp and from the world at any time and in any place? Well, you can, because the MAS also has its entire collection online.

Objects on the move

Many museums in Belgium and abroad are eager to borrow works from the MAS. You may come across pieces from the MAS collection at exhibitions all over the world. Would you like to borrow an artefact for your own exhibition?

Outside the museum


Work by Luc Tuymans in MAS collection

Luc Tuymans made a monumental work for the restored Royal Atheneum of Antwerp.

mozaïek afbeelding van een doodskop

Dead Skull

At the foot of the MAS

On the square in front of the MAS, you literally walk around on world-quality art. A huge mosaic by one of Antwerp’s most fascinating living artists, Luc Tuymans, occupies the Hanzestedenplaats.

Saluting Admiral Couple

On the shoulder of the MAS

At the request of the city of Antwerp, the Antwerp artist Guillaume Bijl created the artwork Saluting Admiral Couple for the fifth anniversary of the MAS. The work gives the monumental building a playful and surprising touch.

A unique collection of vessels

The MAS manages the largest collection of historical vessels in the country. For years, it was displayed under the shelters next to Het Steen, but after a spectacular relocation operation, the vessels found a new home at the Dry Docks site.

Harbour cranes

Discover the 18 ‘giants’ in our collection: the largest collection of historic harbour cranes in the world.

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