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The Antwerp corona archive

The corona crisis is drastically changing our lives and our city. Face masks, empty streets, instructions to keep a distance everywhere, queuing outside shops... No one ever expected to experience this.

In full lockdown, the MAS and the FelixArchief invited all Antwerp citizens to contribute to the preservation of an archive about daily life during the corona pandemic in Antwerp. This will allow us to remember and study this difficult and special period later on.

Dozens of Antwerp citizens responded with often very personal contributions. Many posters, banners, face masks and other corona objects were added to the museum collection. The FelixArchief did the same with diaries, letters, films and websites. Together, they offer an insight into the way in which Antwerp citizens adapted their lives. And in the courage and resilience they derived from small, creative things.

We made a digital exhibition of this Antwerp corona archive. Explore the city safely from behind your screen and look back at the corona stories of Antwerpers via this link:


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