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About the MAS

The MAS aims to be an international and pioneering museum about the global connectedness between people and collections from different cultures and environments. With a river of tales, viewed from multiple perspectives, we engage everyone to be curious about the present, past and future of Antwerp and the world.

The MAS collaborates with the public and national and international partners. The diverse collection ranges from history, art and culture of the port city of Antwerp, through international trade and shipping to art and culture in Europe, Africa, America, Asia and Oceania. The iconic MAS building is the place where the city and the world meet.  And there is room for dialogue and experimentation.

The MAS in figures

  • 10 storeys high
  • 5700 m² of exhibition space
  • 650 000 visitors a year
  • 140 volunteers
  • 600 000 alternating museum pieces

Subsidizing government

The Flemish Government annually provides structural subsidies to the MAS. 

What makes the MAS so special?

In the MAS, you get to know Antwerp in the world and the world in Antwerp. With all your senses, you discover the rich past of the city, the river, the port and the world. You will enjoy the breathtaking view of the city and be surprised by the many large and small details of an architectural gem. 

MAS. A river of tales

What makes the museum so unique? Discover the MAS in a few words.

An iconic building


In this impressive warehouse, all the museum rooms are stacked like boxes. Follow the Boulevard with its metres-high glass windows as it spirals upwards, and enjoy an incredible view of the city from every level.

A facade full of hands

The legend of Brabo and Antigoon makes the hand the symbol of Antwerp. But the little hands on the facade are also a reminder of the many patrons who helped build the MAS.

Boulevard and panorama

Fancy a free high-level city tour? The escalators of the Boulevard will take you nine storeys high. Along the way you will enjoy a constantly changing view of the city. And right up on the roof, you can see the whole city.

Food & beverages

The MAS is not only a museum, it's also a unique location for a picnic, it offers a cosy museum café at the foot of the MAS as well as a gourmet restaurant on the top floor.

Just past the MAS

The Dry Docks site

Along the frayed fault line between the city and port lies a raw and rusty area. For many Antwerp residents, this represents a blind spot on the map. However, this area oozes history linked to the once bustling in-city port. Nine dry docks, two workshops for ship restorers, a pump house which is a protected monument ... 

How the MAS works

The MAS colleagues

The MAS has many employees who do their utmost every day to guarantee visitors a safe and relaxed museum visit. Which departments support the museum operation?

The MAS partners

The MAS collaborates with many partners. We have a very versatile and dynamic network, on a local, national and international level.


Our sponsors

Become acquainted with our loyal partners. The MAS and its operation continue to exist thanks to their financial and material contributions.

Support the MAS

Do you want to safeguard the future of the museum? There are different ways to contribute. Look at all the ways you can support the MAS.

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