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Boulevard and panorama

At the top of the MAS, on the roof terrace, a 360-degree view of the city, the port and the world awaits you.

A clear view of today’s city

In the museum you'll discover the story of Antwerp in the world and the world in Antwerp, while the Boulevard offers you the best view of today’s city. The escalators take you nine stories up. Along the way you will enjoy an ever-changing view of the city, and at the top, on the roof, you can see the whole city. 

View the city through different eyes

The Boulevard is also an exhibition space. In the display cases beside the escalators and on large light walls you will find constantly changing exhibitions. For each one, MAS seeks out a theme that inspires visitors to see the city and the world with different eyes. 

See also

Saluting Admiral Couple

On the shoulder of the MAS

At the request of the city of Antwerp, the Antwerp artist Guillaume Bijl created the artwork Saluting Admiral Couple for the fifth anniversary of the MAS. The work gives the monumental building a playful and surprising touch.

mozaïek afbeelding van een doodskop

Dead Skull

At the foot of the MAS

On the square in front of the MAS, you literally walk around on world-quality art. A huge mosaic by one of Antwerp’s most fascinating living artists, Luc Tuymans, occupies the Hanzestedenplaats.

What's on display?

The MAS tells the story of centuries of contact between Antwerp and the world. You'll experience part of the tale on every floor.

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