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mozaïek afbeelding van een doodskop
Noortje Palmers

Dead Skull

At the foot of the MAS

The MAS is not just a museum: it’s also a meeting place. And there’s plenty of room for meeting up with friends in the museum square at the foot of the MAS. When you are standing right on it, you may not notice, but under your feet a 1,600 m² mosaic by Luc Tuymans lies resplendent.

World art

The mosaic Dead Skull refers to Tuymans’ painting of the same name from 2002. This was based on the plaque commemorating the Antwerp painter Quinten Metsys on the façade of the Cathedral of Our Lady. With Dead Skull, Tuymans connects present with past, just as the MAS does. This is the first work by Tuymans to be permanently visible to the public.

Global mosaic

This superb piece has no fewer than 96,569 stones in 11 different colours from all over the world. Their installation began during the winter of 2009, in freezing weather. Months later, during the summer of 2010, the last stone was fitted into place.

Practical information

You can enjoy the best views of the mosaic from the Boulevard on the 5th floor.

Time-lapse film of installation of Dead Skull

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