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What's there to do

Are you planning a visit alone or with the family? Will you be visiting with your class, school, company or a group? You'll find all kinds of activities here.

groepje kinderen


The MAS is anything but a classic museum. The story of the MAS is aimed at every visitor. Here you'll find a summary of our activities.

Guided tours

City at war. Antwerp, 1940-1945

What does it mean to live in an occupied city? What choices did city residents make: flee, cooperate with the occupier or resist? The expo shows the impact of WWII on Antwerp and its inhabitants. What would you do? You'll find out together with the guide.

Looking at art

A guide will take you on a surprising journey through art history, with a focus on learning to look at art.

Visit the MAS with a group

Check out all possibilities for group visits and guided tours. 

Bring your class to the MAS

Teachers can act as a guide and provide a tour for their class at the MAS. Or they can book a guided tour for their class.

The MAS for youngsters

The MAS in Young Hands organises super cool activities in the MAS for youngsters aged 16 to 26.

Late night event for companies

Do you want to organise an exclusive event for customers, colleagues or business acquaintances? It's possible in the MAS!

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