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What's on display?

In the MAS, the Boulevard with 6-metre-high glass panels will guide you to the various museum halls. You'll encounter a new tale about Antwerp, the river and the port on every storey. The collection boasts over 600,000 museum pieces. Permanent and temporary exhibitions offer a refreshing look at the city and centuries of contact with the world. At the top, on the tenth floor, you'll enjoy a 360-degree panorama of the city, the port and the river.

Coming soon

Rare and indispensable

Masterpieces from Flemish collections
    Tuesday 31 October 2023 until Sunday 25 February 2024 from 10:00 to 17:00

Magritte, Bacon, Ensor, Moore, Jordaens, Rubens … These are just some of the world-famous names on display at the MAS. Starting from 27 October 2023, 'Rare and indispensable' brings a unique selection of masterpieces from the Flemish masterpiece list. 


FREE ENTRANCE | In the new exhibition 'Eyecatchers', 16 Antwerp residents give their own take on our collection and choose their personal masterpiece. Because a masterpiece is something different for everyone. On display from 31 October 2023.

On display now

A glimpse of the collection

FREE ENTRANCE | Find out more about the people behind the objects of the MAS: who used them, who collected them? And at the same time, take a look behind the scenes of the museum.

City at war

Antwerp, 1940 - 1945

Military violence and mass persecution of Jews and dissenters during World War II broke the city. Personal stories and objects make this period very tangible in this new permanent MAS exhibition. It opened on 8 September 2023.

Antwerp à la carte

About cities and food

The exhibition reveals the intimate relationship between the city and food, from the sixteenth century to the distant future. Follow the trail of food in the city and find out how what we eat has left its mark on the map of Antwerp.


About the port, people and cargo

In 'Freight' you stop at various 'docks', each of which reveals a different part of the city's connection with world trade. A journey through the history of the port city. On view on the 6th floor.

Anybody home?

Looking for the sewer crocodile, listening to talking tableware, playing board games or drawing on the walls.... In the playful new family exhibition "Anybody home?" you will explore the MAS collection together with your (grand) children. You reflect on what a 'home' means. And one thing can already be revealed: it is different for everyone. 

Art from Pre-Columbian America

Collection Paul & Dora Janssen-Arts

A world-renowned collection of some 400 pre-Columbian objects from 50 different cultures. 

Everything of worth

FREE ENTRANCE | What can be heritage? What has value and what does not? A photo exhibition explores these questions. It shows the people behind the city's heritage.

In the pipeline

Expo over erbarmen

Een nieuwe tijdelijke expo laat zien hoe het idee van 'erbarmen' verbeeld wordt in religieuze en niet-religieuze objecten, kunstwerken, volkse objecten en decoratieve stukken, maar ook in muziek, verhalen en gebruiken. Hedendaagse getuigenissen en kritische stemmen laten zien hoe actueel het thema is en blijft. 

Past exhibitions

Wondering what you missed? Take a look at the overview of all exhibitions that have already been held in the MAS. 

Foto: bezoekers in het museum

Our collection

The MAS collection

Antwerp, a metropolis by the river. A collection of 600,000 objects gives you a refreshing view of the city and its contacts with other cultures.

Collection online

Do you want to be able to enjoy all the MAS’s objects from the past, from Antwerp and from the world at any time and in any place? Well, you can, because the MAS also has its entire collection online.

Also take a look at:

New MASshop

The renewed MASshop opened its doors on 1 September. Enjoy a whole new shopping experience and find many fun gadgets. Feel free to pop in before or after your museum visit.


At the foot of the MAS in Antwerp you will find Portopolis, a free interactive visitor centre. Here you can discover the port of Antwerp in the heart of the city. Put on a VR visor for a 360° tour and feel the port come to life! Walk across the large aeriel photograph and discover all special hotspots on offer in our port. 

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