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What's on display?

The MAS is more than a museum. It is an impressive repository in the middle of the Eilandje, a thriving neighbourhood. Its Boulevard with 6-metre-high glass panels will take you 60 metres higher. You'll encounter a new tale about Antwerp, the river and the port on every storey. The collection boasts over 500,000 museum pieces. Permanent and temporary exhibitions offer a refreshing look at the city and centuries of contact with the world. At the top, on the tenth floor, you'll enjoy a 360-degree panorama of the city, the port and the river.


On display now:


Guy Rombouts and Benjamin Verdonck rearrange Jaap Kruithof

The Belgian philosopher Jaap Kruithof (1929-2009) collected 10,000 items, things that other people usually discard. Half of the Kruithof collection - which was donated to the MAS - is being given a new life thanks to the visual work of artists Guy Rombouts and Benjamin Verdonck. In the MAS, they create a new installation with the objects.


100 x Congo

A century of Congolese art in Antwerp

100 X Congo features one hundred highlights. What stories are hidden behind the objects? How did they end up here? What did they mean to Congolese peoples?


Colourful rituals

Celebration! invites you to celebrate the moments of transition in life with all your senses. The exhibition brings a unique mix of festive objects, in an original arrangement with an exceptional soundtrack.

Antwerp à la carte

About cities and food

The exhibition reveals the intimate relationship between the city and food, from the sixteenth century to the distant future. Follow the trail of food in the city and find out how what we eat has left its mark on the map of Antwerp.


A photo exhibition by Heleen Peeters

Photographer Heleen Peeters immersed herself in the worldwide culture of the horse and horsemeat. A selection of her images can be seen from 16 March 2021 to 27 February 2022 in 'Antwerp à la carte'. Because the story of horse meat is also about food and the city.

World Port

Trade and shipping

Once the largest port in the world, today the Port of Antwerp is characterised by colourful containers. It connects the city with the rest of the world. Dive into the history of our port.

Life & Death

Gods and mankind

Don’t be afraid of death: find out how others experience and approach the end of life. Across the boundaries of time, culture and religion.

Art from Pre-Columbian America

Collection Paul & Dora Janssen-Arts

A world famous collection that tells us about the extraordinary relationship between man and the world of gods, ancestors and spirits in America before the conquest by the Europeans.

More indians, less cowboys

A journey into life below the waterline

On the banks of the river Scheldt, strange and battered figures do regularly wash up. They dream of a second chance and are building a Travelling Reserve for Scheldt jetsam. On display from 3/05 until 22/08/2021.


125 years Compagnie Maritime Belge

In 2020, the Antwerp shipping company CMB (Compagnie Maritime Belge) celebrates its 125 anniversary. Photos, paintings and ship models in the boulevard bring this history to life.

Upcoming exhibitions:


Stories found in the city

Exciting and moving stories from Antwerp about greedy giants, turbulent love adventures, demons and jokesters ... Together with Dimitri Leue, the museum shows several collection pieces in a compelling audio play. From 30 October 2021 in the MAS.


World Trade in Antwerp

In the new permanent exhibition 'Freight. World Trade in Antwerp' you stop at various 'docks', each of which reveals a different part of the city's connection with world trade. A journey through the history of the port city. On view from December 2021.

Everything of worth

What can be heritage? What has value and what does not? A photo exhibition explores these questions. It shows the people behind the city's heritage. An exhibition with online  stories, starting 10 September 2021 in the boulevard.

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