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Collection online

The MAS is keen to share its extensive collection with everyone – including those items that are not on display in the museum for the time being. It has therefore put its entire collection online. That way, anyone can see any item at any time, wherever they may be. It’s all at your fingertips, all the time, anywhere.

600,000 exhibits go digital

The MAS has all its collection pieces on display online. That way, the entire collection is always visible to everyone, including the items that are in storage and not to be seen in the museum. So be sure to take a look at the MAS online collection.

Help keep our collection up to date

The available information is not definitive, but is constantly being supplemented, checked and improved. You can help with this process. Have you noticed a mistake, or do you have extra information about an item in the collection? Please leave a message in the corresponding input field. Your comment will be used by the MAS to improve its information.
Would you like more information about the collection, or do you have specific questions about a particular item? Contact the MAS via

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