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Film Dance

On Saturday 6 April 2013 the artist and filmmaker Hans Op de Beeck made “Dance”, a contemporary film about migration for the Red Star Line Museum. It was a cold spring day but the commitment and the enthusiasm of the 770 extras was heart-warming.

A bird’s eye view of Antwerp

Every district of Antwerp consists of a wonderful mix of historical buildings and modern architecture. To see all of this beauty you actually would need wings. But fortunately there are several places, both high up in the air and on the ground, to see as much as possible of the city.

The success story of Irving Berlin

Among the two million Europeans who traveled to America on the Red Star Line was a five year old boy from Russia. The boy’s name was Israel ‘Izzy’ Beilin. He would grow up to gain world-wide fame as Irving Berlin with songs like 'White Christmas', 'Puttin' on the Ritz' and 'There's No Business Like Show Business'.

Abram Spiwak, searching for his beloved Sophie

Abram Spiwak decided to follow his beloved Sophie to America. He did not have valid papers, but he tried his luck with the financial support of his family.

Grain elevator 19

The historic grain elevator is under joint management of the MAS and the Maritime Museum Rotterdam. The extraordinary vessel will moor half of the time in Antwerp and the other half in Rotterdam.

Baroque Burez

From 1 June 2018

As part of ‘Antwerp Baroque 2018: Rubens as an inspiration’, the MAS will be welcoming the photographer and artist Athos Burez to the boulevard as from 1 June 2018. With 30 images and installations, he shares his own unique and contemporary view on different genres from the style period: still lifes, portraits, landscapes and interiors.


The Eilandje was the place where people gathered on their way to the New World. The magnificent Red Star Line steamers moored on the quay just before the bend in the Scheldt River. When the steam whistle announced an impending departure, the quay swarmed with activity. The Eilandje is currently a sought after place in the city.

Come aboard

Does the Red Star Line Museum hold a special place in your heart? Are you fascinated by the unique story that the museum tells? Was a member of your family a passenger on a Red Star Line ship? Welcome to the Museum family.


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Instinct - A beastly exhibition

A bold look at the collection

In 2018 the youngsters of MAS in young hands took over a floor of the museum. A unique exhibition that revealed the animal side of the museum collection with creative materials and a wild programme.

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