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'MAS in Young Hands' publications

Since 2006, the museum has been researching methodologies for youth participation in museums.

The result was 2 analyses which formed the basis for the original ‘MAS in Young Hands’.

  • Kies* (publication in Dutch): almost 150 recommendations for 'MAS in Young Hands', from some 20 experts in cultural and youth issues;
  • A La Karte (publication in Dutch): A survey of Antwerp youth about their views on museums, the unvarnished opinion of some young people with a view to making museums accessible to young people.

After the opening of the MAS, journalist Wouter Hillaert was commissioned by De Veerman and the MAS to write an article about the first working year of the MAS in Jonge Handen (2011-2012).

After the 'Instinct' exhibition in 2019, the MAS looks back on the project and shares all its experiences in a brochure. A complete overview of the know-how, available online and free of charge.

In 2013, the MAS won the 'Siletto Award' at the European Museum of the Year awards ceremony, in recognition of the MAS' youth work.

"The MAS has sought new forms of public participation fit for a modern, city museum. Its ‘In Jonge Handen’ program involves young people who, as volunteers, are trained as museum staff and perform activities, assist with exhibitions and other museums events so that they can get a sense of the museum’s extensive collection. Subsequently they are able to stimulate other young people’s interest in the museum in the future, functioning as ambassadors. Moreover the MAS thereby allows its own expertise and objectives to be questioned by those youngsters. The judges make the ‘Silletto Award’ to the Museum aan de Stroom for the effectiveness of its empowerment of a new generation of participants."


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In this brochure, the MAS looks back on the process of MAS in Young Hands and shares all its experiences. A complete overview of its know-how is available online and free of charge.

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