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“Luc Tuymans. Glasses” group tour

Discover Luc Tuymans’s portraits with a guide

Take a closer look at these iconic works and experience first-hand how your appearance changes when you add or omit glasses.

“When I took a look at all the portraits that I have painted up until now, I was astounded to see that three quarters of these portraits feature people with glasses. I didn’t do this on purpose. [...] Glasses radically change the physiognomy of a face but we don’t consider this a radical change. Instead we think of it as something normal, something to which we merely respond with indifference.” Luc Tuymans, 2009

Luc Tuymans and the MAS present a unique selection of portraits in “Luc Tuymans. Glasses”. It is the first time that these portraits are exhibited together. Every portrait is masked by glasses. Discover the stories behind these portraits together with a guide and find out how glasses significantly influence people’s gaze and people’s appearance.


Practical information

  • Admission: 10 euros
  • Group tariff for groups of 12 or more persons: 8 euros
  • Price per guide (one guide for max. 20 persons): 75 euros + 5 euro administrative fee + entry ticket
  • Duration: about 90 minutes
  • Languages: NL / FR / EN / DE
  • The exhibition opens on 14 May 2016



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