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Become a donor

Your donation, gift or inheritance makes a big difference and helps achieve the mission of the MAS.

Why donate to the MAS?

The MAS aims to be an international and pioneering museum about the global connection between people and collections from different worlds  and cultures. Our DNA consists of 4 important building blocks:


The MAS connects:

  • Antwerp and the world
  • the past, present and future,
  • worlds of thought, heritage and communities.


The MAS aims to constantly:

  • constantly reveal different perspectives,
  • contribute to world citizenship in a diverse Antwerp,
  • stimulate openness, dialogue and reflection on one's (own) place in the world.


The MAS:

  • explores new museum practices,
  • is always looking for new ways to tell stories to new audiences,
  • offers space for experiments by partners or public,
  • is always open to creative talent.


The MAS is an international museum because of:

  • the origin of the collections,
  • the visitors from all around the world,
  • the quality of its operations,
  • the cooperation with national and international institutions.

If you donate, you become part of our story. You will contribute to the conservation, restoration, scientific research, acquisition of objects or a presentation or exhibition.

How does one donate?

Via a donation

The support of many generous private individuals plays a fundamental role in the museum’s operation. Does the MAS hold a special place in your heart? Then you can support us via a financial donation. You can deposit a donation via bank account number BE42 4097 5857 0154 (account holder: MAS). The donation is tax-deductible if at least €40.

Donations to a certified charity are deducted from your taxable earnings. You will receive a fiscal attestation the following year. (The refund from the tax authorities is almost 50 %).

Via an object

Are you considering donating an object to the MAS? Do you own a piece that might be valuable to the MAS collection? Do you want to offer it to the MAS? Please contact It’s best to include a photo and a short description of the item. We will gladly come and look at it.

The museum team will decide whether the object satisfies the criteria. Legal and ethical international guidelines from ICOM, UNESCO and CITES, amongst others, help us determine what can be incorporated in our collection.

Via an inheritance

Leaving a bequest (a certain amount of money, personal property or real estate from your inheritance) to the MAS doesn’t cost you a thing today, but it will be extremely valuable to the MAS in the future. Moreover, you leave behind a memory of yourself. You can include the MAS in your will, next to your legal heirs.

If you decide to award a bequest to the MAS via your last will and testament, we advise you to discuss this with your notary first. If you involve us in your future plans, we will treat this information with the utmost confidentiality.

More info

Please contact or (if you consider donating an object)

Every donation, every gift, every bequest is important to us – no matter the size. We are truly grateful to every donor!

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