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Pop-up tattoo shop in “Body Art” exhibition

During the “Body Art” exhibition, you can see tattoo artists at work in a real tattoo shop or get your own exclusive tattoo.

Your personal MAS tattoo

The MAS has invited a number of tattoo artists to come and work in the exhibition galleries. You can watch them while they work during the exhibition.
If you are interested in getting inked yourself, now is a good opportunity. Bear in mind that the tattoo artists are working in the Body Art exhibition. While visitors have no access to the “tattoo parlour”, they can look in. You can only get a tattoo in the MAS after booking an appointment with the tattoo artist.


Contact the tattoo artist of your choice by e-mail. The tattoo artists manage their bookings themselves. The MAS is not in any way involved. Attention: availability is limited!
Clearly state the following details in your e-mail: your contact details, a short description of your idea and where you want to be inked.

Joe Dynamite
Dates: 20 February, 27 February, 5 March, 12 March, 19 March, 31 March and 16 April

Mr. Levinetto 
Dates: 19 February, 24 February, 2 March, 10 March, 17 March, 23 March, 1 April and 16 April

Dates: 10 March

Black-out Tattoo / Jan Vanderoost
Dates: 26 March, 2 April and 9 April


Unique tattoos based on items in the collection of the MAS

A number of artists will create designs based on the collection of the MAS. Every design is exclusive and will only be available during the Body Art exhibition. Make an appointment with the artist of your favourite design. 
The designs will be available online at facebookpagina van het MAS

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