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Captain MASsimiliaan and the Flying Dutchman

A treasure hunt for the young and old

Will your children be the new sailors of the Flying Dutchman? Pop into the MAS and test how seaworthy they are. A free treasure hunt for young and old in the promenade and the visible storage.

Captain MASsimiliaan has a map full of missions and fun facts to help your children become real pirates. Come and see the treasure of the MAS, find out what the giant has to do with it, and discover distant horizons from the roof. It's a family game for young and old!

Practical information

  • When: continuous
  • For: children from 6 to 10 years old and their (grand)parents
  • How: pick up the free map at the MAS desk

Plan your visit

Are you planning a visit to the MAS? Then go through some practical information first. Ticket prices? Opening hours? How to get there? Accessibility? Food and beverages? You'll find it here!

Practical information

The well-being of our visitors and employees is very important to us. We ensure a safe and relaxing museum visit, but we do ask you to take and follow some precautions.

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