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Greetings from Istanbul

Postcards from Istanbul wanted

Will you be visiting Istanbul, or simply passing through, in the coming weeks or months? Then you can contribute towards an exhibition in the MAS and receive a free entry ticket.

Postcards from Istanbul wanted

For a new exhibition the MAS | Museum aan de Stroom is collecting postcards from Istanbul. They will be used in the new exhibition ISTANBUL - ANTWERP. TWO CITIES. TWO PORTS. Every postcard that we receive which is postmarked from Istanbul will result in one free entry ticket to the exhibition.


New exhibition

The exhibition ISTANBUL - ANTWERP. TWO CITIES. TWO PORTS. sketches the evolution of Istanbul as a port city in the 19th and 20th century from Antwerp’s perspective. It is a voyage of discovery past towers and ships, shipyards and cranes, docks and locks, tunnels and bridges with a focus on the similarities and differences between Istanbul and Antwerp. Multimedia installations will portray the port cities.



When in Istanbul, you send a postcard to the MAS that shows with a picture of Istanbul. You send the postcard to the following address:

MAS I Museum aan de Stroom
Hanzestedenplaats 1
2000 Antwerp

Your surname and first name must be clearly legible (condition for receiving a free entry ticket). The postmark from Istanbul must be clearly legible (a postcard from another city is not valid).

You can send a postcard between now and the end of the exhibition. You can visit the exhibition from 23 October 2015 to 24 January 2016.

The MAS will award one free entry ticket per postcard it receives (conditions are described above):

  • You report to the MAS ticket counter during the exhibition period.
  • You give your surname and first name (ID card) as stated on the postcard.
  • The MAS checks for a match and awards a free ticket.

Your postcard, and all the others we receive, will be given a place in the ‘Istanbul. Antwerp’ exhibition.

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