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mensen in een rolstoel

In the MAS

Cloakroom, lockers and toilets

Coats and personal belongings can be left safely in our cloakroom. Large bags and backpacks are not allowed in the museum. Please use the lockers you find on the ground floor, behind the reception desk. You will need a 1 euro coin for use of the lockers.

Toilets for visitors are located on the ground floor in the cloakroom and on the 1st floor.


You can listen to the audio in the museum halls with your own Android earphones or headphones with a mini-jack connector. You can also buy a set of earphones at the desk. Wireless earphones or headphones cannot be used. For some exhibitions we provide audio guides which you must return after your visit.

Babies and small children

  • Pushchairs can be used on the escalator at your own risk. Would you like to use the elevator? Request this at the ticket counter (ground floor). A MAS attendant will bring you to the desired storey. You can leave your pushchair behind in a locked room. Ask about this at the info desk.
  • Baby backpacks are not allowed in the galleries. You are allowed to use a baby carrier or sling.
  • The panoramic roof (+10) is only accessible by the staircase.
  • On the ground floor, you will find a baby nursery table and a quiet spot for breastfeeding. Ask directions at the info desk.

The MAS is accessible for all visitors, including less mobile visitors and people with an auditory or visual handicap. The MAS is partner in the project European Disability Card. On presentation of the card your companion enters for free. More information:

Less mobile visitors

  • Will you be visiting with a wheelchair? Let us know in advance (+32 3 338 44 00) and report it at the ticket counter. A MAS attendant will bring you to the desired storey with the lift.
  • Your companion enters for free.
  • The Boulevard and museum galleries are equipped with benches. Portable folding chairs are available in each museum room. 
  • Our toilet on the ground floor has adapted sanitary fittings.
  • We have 3 wheelchairs that can be used for free at the ticket counter on the ground floor. You can reserve one in advance via or phone +32 3 338 44 00.
  • The panoramic roof (+10) can only be reached via stairs, but the side terrace on +9 is wheelchair-accessible.

People with an auditory handicap

  • Informative texts are available in every museum gallery.
  • A deaf loop system at the ticket counter and in the atelier filters disturbing environmental sounds.
  • Your companion enters for free.

 People with a visual handicap

  • Your companion enters for free.
  • Guide dogs are welcome in the Boulevard and the museum halls.
  • You can visit the exhibiton 'Listen. Stories found in the city' together with your companion.

Visitor guides


You can view the following digital visitor guides on your smartphone:

On paper

Visitor guides on paper are still available for the exhibitions 'Antwerp à la carte' and 'Art from pre-Columbian America'.

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