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houten kistje

Acquisitions and donations

The MAS collection grows every year. We look for new acquisitions ourselves, but also receive offers in the form of a donation or an inheritance. We also invite people to contribute actively to the MAS collection through appeals.

Donate an object

Are you willing to donate an object to the MAS? Read here how to do so.


Aids Memorial Quilts

Quilts played an important role in commemorating AIDS victims from 1987 onwards. Fortunately, HIV is now less deadly in Europe. Consequently, fewer quilts are being created. This is why the Flemish non-profit organisation Sensoa donated its quilts to the MAS collection.



Photographer Mark De Fraeye and his wife donated some of their photo series to the MAS. De Fraeye's series 'Ahopsan Forest' is a visual manifesto for the preservation of the forest.

Beeldje van de jongen Nello en zijn hond Patrasche.

Nello and Patrasche

Jan Corteel devoted himself to promoting the story of Nello and Patrasche in Antwerp and Belgium. Over the years Jan even built up a Nello and Patrasche collection, with all kinds of merchandise and various editions of the book. He recently donated this collection to the MAS.

gevel met opschrift Strange

MAS acquires LGBTQ+ heritage

The MAS has been able to get hold of a few pieces from gay bar Café Strange at an auction. This way, a bit of the bar of Antwerp's icon and café owner Armand in the Dambruggestraat is preserved for the future.

The Antwerp corona archive

The MAS and the FelixArchief invited all Antwerp citizens to contribute to an archive about daily life during the coronapandemic in Antwerp. Many Antwerp citizens responded with an often very personal contribution.

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