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More indians, less cowboys

A journey into life below the waterline

The port of Antwerp connects the city with the rest of the world. The exhibition 'World Port. On trade and shipping' tells this story on the sixth floor. However, it's not only freight and commercial goods that pass through the port.

Amongst the plastic soup on the banks of the river Scheldt, strange and battered figures are regularly washed up by the many oceans they have swum, sometimes for many years. These are brought back to life by the never-ending impulse of the tides and breaking waves.

The figures have come together in a rebellion. They never wish to become rubbish again, instead they dream of a second chance in their own world. That's why, together with the architecture firm Rose & co, they are building a Travelling Reserve for Scheldt jetsam.

Travel through the reserve thanks to the miniature engine with camera chugging through the enchanting landscape. Saar Van de Leest composes new music especially for these film images. The result resembles a real road movie.

The Reserve will remain here until 22 August.  This marks the end of the 'World Port' exhibition. The MAS will then look forward to the new exhibition 'Freight'. This opens on 11 December.

Practical information

  • From 3/05 until 22/08/2021 on the boulevard on the 8th floor.

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