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World Port

Trade and shipping

Once the largest port in the world, today the Port of Antwerp is characterised by colourful containers. It connects the city with the rest of the world. Dive into the history of our port.

The port in pictures

Encounter the port as a small settlement and follow its ups and downs as it grows into one of the world’s largest international crossroads. Unique ship models, film footage, stories, old maps and tools demonstrate the expansion of the port, commerce, shipping and the people that made it all happen.

Here you can smell the world

Antwerp’s growth was due in part to the Scheldt and the port. In the Middle Ages, the city was bursting at the seams. From the 16th century, explorers sent exotic products and spices from here to the rest of the world. Walk past the smell boxes and inhale the scents of products that were imported via the port of Antwerp.

Message in a bottle

Why send text messages, emails or tweets when you can use a bottle? Send your innermost secrets, greatest dreams or most recent impressions to a stranger. Write your message, put it into an empty bottle and let it wash up in the sand as you leave the room.

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