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Dia de los muertos 2021

Every year in October, the Altar of Antwerp returns to the MAS. It's an interactive installation through which we reflect on what "loss" means to the city's inhabitants.

Dia de los muertos 2021

Altar of Antwerp

In oktober keert het Altaar van Antwerpen terug. Een interactieve installatie waarmee we stilstaan ​​bij wat 'verlies' betekent voor de inwoners van de stad.

More indians, less cowboys

A journey into life below the waterline

On the banks of the river Scheldt, strange and battered figures do regularly wash up. They dream of a second chance and are building a Travelling Reserve for Scheldt jetsam. On display from 3/05 until 22/08/2021.

Art from Pre-Columbian America

Collection Paul & Dora Janssen-Arts

A world famous collection that tells us about the extraordinary relationship between man and the world of gods, ancestors and spirits in America before the conquest by the Europeans.

  • Monday 1 January 2018 until Tuesday 31 December 2024 from 10:00 to 17:00

Life & Death

Of Gods and mankind

Don’t be afraid of death: find out how others experience and approach the end of life. Across the boundaries of time, culture and religion.

+6 World Port

About trade and shipping

Once the largest port in the world, today the Port of Antwerp is characterised by colourful containers. It connects the city with the rest of the world. Dive into the history of our port.

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