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Provenance research of the Congo collection

The MAS preserves culturally and historically sensitive Congolese heritage. In what circumstances did this collection of approximately 5,000 cultural objects come into being? A two-year research project will map this out more clearly.

City at war. Antwerp, 1940-1945

What does it mean to live in an occupied city? What choices did city residents make: flee, cooperate with the occupier or resist? The expo shows the impact of WWII on Antwerp and its inhabitants. What would you do? You'll find out together with the guide.

Looking at art

A guide will take you on a surprising journey through art history, with a focus on learning to look at art.


FREE ENTRANCE | In the new exhibition 'Eyecatchers', 16 Antwerp residents give their own take on our collection and choose their personal masterpiece. Because a masterpiece is something different for everyone. On display from 31 October 2023.

Objects in the exhibition

Except for a dozen or so loans, all the pieces on display in the exhibition come from the MAS collection. The objects have been chosen for what they portray, their significance or their (historical) story.

In collaboration with Antwerp families

The MAS, together with a number of key partners, collected stories from Antwerper citizens about what a "home" means to them. A dozen families collaborated on the exhibition for a year.


MAS strives to be as accessible and inclusive a place as possible. How do we welcome less mobile visitors, people with hearing or visual impairments, or those with autism spectrum disorders?

Rare and indispensable

Masterpieces from Flemish collections

Magritte, Bacon, Ensor, Moore, Jordaens, Rubens … These are just some of the world-famous names on display at the MAS. Starting from 27 October 2023, 'Rare and indispensable' brings a unique selection of masterpieces from the Flemish masterpiece list. 

    Tuesday 31 October 2023 until Sunday 25 February 2024 from 10:00 to 17:00

City at war

Antwerp, 1940 - 1945

Military violence and mass persecution of Jews and dissenters during World War II broke the city. Personal stories and objects make this period very tangible in this new permanent MAS exhibition. It opens on 8 September 2023.

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