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Buddha & Mind

21.10.2017 - 19.03.2017

CLOSED - The exhibition ‘Buddha & Mind’ at the MAS was in line with our need to escape from the daily hustle and frequent stressful moments. A unique set of minature Buddhist paintings took you through the process of meditation.

The world mirrored

24.04.2015 - 16.08.2015

'The world mirrored. World maps from the Middle Ages to the present day' took you on a discovery through the fascinating history of the Western world view from the Middle Ages to the present day. We received 48,718 visitors.

In Antwerp. 50 years of migration from Morocco and Turkey

17.05.2011 - 30.12.2012

CLOSED - Migration is about living and working in an unfamiliar place. It’s about long-distance love and growing up in a foreign city, a new home. You discovered the story of 50 years of migration from Morocco and Turkey on the fifth floor of the MAS.

Istanbul - Antwerp. Port City Talks

23.10.2015 - 24.01.2016

CLOSED - The exhibition 'Istanbul - Antwerp. Port City Talks' was one of the eye-catchers of the international Europalia art festival Turkey.

The corner shop: Merksem - Antwerp’s local shops from 1950 to the present

23.03.2013 - 03.06.2013

CLOSED - Everyone knows them: the baker, the butcher, the greengrocer, the grocer round the corner. You drop in and do your shopping. There’s lots to tell about: the shopkeepers, the customers, the merchandise and of course the shops themselves. But you can saw for yourself in this exhibition, in the neighbourhoods where the stories were collected.

Body Art

18.02.2016 - 17.04.2016

CLOSED - With “Body Art” the MAS has developed a varied exhibition about forms of body adornment, from make-up and tattoos to scarification and surgical changes, throughout the centuries and in different cultures. The main question in this exhibition was “Why do people alter their body?”

Luc Tuymans. Glasses

For the exhibition "Glasses", Luc Tuymans looks back at his oeuvre thematically for the first time. It includes portraits, of ‘nameless people’ and historic figures, and other works. The leitmotiv is a ‘pair of glasses’.

Masterpieces in the MAS

17.05.2011 - 30.12.2012

CLOSED - The MAS opened in May, 2011 with the temporary exhibition: "Masterpieces in the MAS. Five centuries of images in Antwerp."

Bonaparte at the Scheldt

23.03.2013 - 03.06.2013

CLOSED - Vive Napoléon?! From 1794 to 1814 Antwerp found itself under French rule. This brief period had a considerable impact on the city and on the lives of its inhabitants...

Sacred Places, Sacred Books

19.09.2014 - 18.01.2015

CLOSED - ‘Sacred Places, Sacred Books’ brought Rome, Mecca and Jerusalem to Antwerp. You discovered the differences and similarities between Judaism, Christianity and Islam. More than 200 works of art, historical and religious treasures were on display.

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