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The MAS is a crossroads, where Antwerp and the world converge. As a city along a river, Antwerp has been attracting people from around the world for many centuries. Over time, people have met here, exchanging goods and ideas. The traces of these encounters are collected in the MAS. Discover 7 floors of fascinating exhibitions that tell a river of tales, drawing on the museum’s amazing collection of approximately 50,000 objects for inspiration.

Boulevard and panorama

Head to the boulevard and the escalator, which takes you up nine floors, to the museum’s rooftop. Follow the glass spiral around the museum galleries and enjoy the stunning views of Antwerp. Rising higher while the perspective changes. But the cherry on the cake awaits on the rooftop terrace, from where you can enjoy a 360-degree view of the city, the port and the world.

The boulevard is also an exhibition space. Discover temporary exhibitions in the display cases that line the escalator and on the large light walls.

The boulevard and panorama are free and open to visitors from 9.30 am until 10 pm (until 11.30 pm in the summer).

Harbour cranes and historic vessels

Walk over to the Scheldt quays where you can see the tallest, most impressive collection objects of the MAS for free. Admire the largest museum collection of harbour cranes in the world. The showpiece stands on our doorstep, however: the oldest crane in our collection!

The MAS also manages the largest collection of historic vessels in Belgium. For many years, the collection was exhibited in the sheds near Steen Castle. Following a spectacular relocation operation, most of the vessels have since been moved to a new location, at the Dry Docks site.

Museum shop

The MASshop is located in one of the four pavilions at the foot of the museum building. Pick up MAS souvenirs, a selection of objects from the MAScollection, catalogues of the permanent and temporary exhibitions, as well as merchandising such as postcards, stationary, T-shirts…

Museum café

Café STORM is located on the ground floor of the MAS. The perfect place to meet before or after a museum visit. The terrace is especially popular on summer days with sun worshipers.

Tickets and bookings

  • Book tickets for groups online prior to your visit at
  • Check for ticket prices. A discount rate for groups of 12+ people applies.

Planning your visit

  • The museum is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am until 5 pm.
  • Closed: Monday and public holidays (1 January, 1 May, 1 November, 25 December)
  • Exceptionally open on Easter Monday and Whit Monday

Guided tours

Visit the MAS with a guide.

  • Various tours are possible. Check the tours on offer.
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Capacity: max. 15 people per guide & no more than 2 groups/hour
  • Languages: our guides speak Dutch, English, French and German. Other languages available on request.
  • Booking a guide: before your visit through Experience Antwerp:
  • Purchasing tickets: you can book tickets to the museum online prior to your visit at

You can also tour the museum with your own guides, but only on the boulevard and the rooftop panorama.


The MAS rises high above Antwerp’s trendiest hotspot, the Eilandje neighbourhood. After your museum visit, take a stroll along the water, as if you were at the seaside. Explore this lively neighbourhood and its many activities and thriving hospitality scene.


  • Take a walk along the docks and order a thirst-quenching Belgian beer in one of the local pubs.
  • Hungry for a snack or a bigger meal? There are lots of options to choose from, including gourmet burgers, Italian food, French or Belgian cuisine or a kebab. 
  • Night owls will also feel at home here, with several night clubs within walking distance.

Other museums

  • Red Star Line Museum
    The Red Star Line is just a short walk from the MAS and tells a moving story. Follow in the footsteps of the many thousands of migrants who left Europe in hopes of a better life in America. Meet your travel companions and accompany them on their journey from their homeland to the port of Antwerp where they boarded a boat bound for New York. Temporary exhibitions often establish a link between their histories and current events.
    Red Star Line Museum | Montevideostraat 3 |
  • Museum De Reede
    For centuries, Antwerp has had a tradition of printmaking. Museum De Reede is the first museum in Antwerp to solely focus on graphic art. The museum’s extensive, unique collection comprises work of three masters in particular, namely Francisco Goya, Félicien Rops and Edvard Munch.
    Museum De Reede | Ernest Van Dijckkaai 7 |


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