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Become a volunteer

The MAS is more than just a building full of objects. About 140 volunteers are responsible for the maintenance of the harbour cranes, are hosts during the busy visiting hours, are sleuths looking for contemporary heritage in the city, lend a helping hand during events or are a member of the youth crew.

The MAS has approximately 140 volunteers. They help our employees keep the museum operational, day in and day out.


  • are insured
  • are our first ambassadors and therefore are invited to exhibition previews
  • in addition to the daily appreciation of colleagues, a big volunteers party is thrown once a year

MAS Crewmember in Young Hands

Young people know what other young people think about and expect from a museum. That’s why the MAS came up with a separate youth concept: MAS in Young Hands. A team of 12 young men and women actively participate in the museum’s operation. They remain on board for two years. They organise exhibitions, evening activities and events like museum night and (MAS)ked. They also develop new products like the MASup, an app made by and for young people. The main goal is to ensure a full-fledged youth programme within the MAS. Feel like participating? Contact  

Sleuths and shop scouts

It is difficult to secure large collectibles from the recent past. They are hidden in photos and utensils and are accompanied by short and long stories. The MAS regularly establishes trajectories  to help unlock a certain piece of heritage from Antwerp’s history.

We had ‘sleuths’ who looked for Moroccan heritage in the city. ‘Shop scouts’ were also active; their job was to map the history of almost forgotten shops from 1950 to the present. There was also a ‘souvenir campaign’ related to the temporary exhibition Sacred Places, Sacred Books.

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