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© Jeroen Broeckx

Become a volunteer

The MAS works inside and outside the museum walls. Around 60 volunteers take care of the maintenance of the harbour cranes, act as hosts during busy visiting hours, become sleuths in search of contemporary heritage in the city, lend a helping hand at events or are members of the youth crew.


Volunteers party 2022

- © Jeroen Broeckx
  • are insured;
  • get an expense allowance;
  • are our first ambassadors and therefore are invited to exhibition previews;
  • in addition to the daily appreciation of colleagues, a big volunteers party is thrown once a year.



- © Jeroen Broeckx

At weekends, our warm-hearted hosts and hostesses welcome visitors to the building. They show you the way and assist you where needed. At large public events such as Museum Night, they go the extra mile.

MAS Crewmember in Young Hands

MAS in Young Hands

- © Pat Verbruggen

Young people know what other young people think about and expect from a museum. That’s why the MAS came up with a separate youth concept: MAS in Young Hands. A team of young men and women actively participate in the museum’s operation.

MAS in Young Hands has been running since the museum opened. They organize exhibitions, nocturnes and events, develop new products and search for new collection pieces. The aim is to watch over a fully-fledged youth programme within the MAS.


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