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Temporary exhibitions

The MAS presents exhibitions on a wide range of subjects, offering very diverse experiences: sometimes grand and monumental, and sometimes small and intimate, but invariably fascinating. The emphasis is on the link between city and world. Discover the exhibitions of the MAS.

Nu te zien:

Cool Japan

The exhibition 'Cool Japan' immerses you in the worldwide fascination for Japanese visual culture with icons such as Hello Kitty, Zelda and Sailor Moon..

A journey through time

From 7 May 2019

From 7 May the escalators in the MAS will not only take you up to the roof, they will also allow you to travel through time with impressive photographs of the collection.



Guy Rombouts en Benjamin Verdonck herschikken Jaap Kruithof

De Belgische filosoof Jaap Kruithof verzamelde alledaagse dingen die anderen meestal niet bewaren. Een deel van zijn collectie krijgt een nieuw leven dankzij het beeldend werk van Guy Rombouts en Benjamin Verdonck. Te zien op de 2e verdieping.

100 x Congo

The exhibition ‘100 x Congo’ features one hundred unique highlights from our Congolese collection. What stories are hidden behind the objects? How did they end up here? What did they mean to Congolese peoples? And what about the African presence in Antwerp?

Everyday fear

V-bombs in Antwerp, 1944-1945

The MAS focuses on a piece of city history from the Second World War. In the pavilion, you can see where V-bombs fell on Antwerp and the scars they have left behind, by means of photographs, first-person testimonies and maps. You can even see a real V1-bomb from the MAS collection.

Breaking Boundaries

Antwerp Olympic city

A hundred years ago, Antwerp organised the Olympic Games. In spite of the difficult post-war situation and limited financial resources, the Games were groundbreaking. This mini exhibition includes posters, photos, trophies and medals from the sports event and its participants.


Afgelopen tentoonstellingen

Expo's blijven niet voor altijd staan. Een overzicht van de tentoonstellingen die voorbij zijn.

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