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mariabeeld met kind opde arm


Stories found in the city

Greedy giants, turbulent love adventures, demons and heroes... If you think you can't find that in a museum, you're wrong. In the year of its 10th anniversary, the MAS is presenting exciting and moving stories from Antwerp. Together with writer and playwright Dimitri Leue, the museum is showing the collection pieces in a compelling audio play.

In 2021, the museum celebrates its collection with a colourful, distinctive exhibition. You dive into myths, legends and worldly stories with an auditory experience that makes you look at the objects differently. Iconic characters such as Brabo, Hodja, Lange Wapper, the Swan Knight or Chamunda ... play the leading role in moving but also funny texts by Dimitri Leue. The stories take you along an imaginative and theatrical scenography.

In this exhibition, you choose what route you take and what stories you listen to. Take an audio guide by the hand, prick up your ears and shut out the outside world for a while. Get lost in the MAS collection and let your imagination run wild. Kameleonie, our main character, can't wait to tell you her stories.

The choice is yours: listen to the stories and the accompanying songs, or just hear the music? Do you want to sing and dance along with the songs? Just go ahead, and remember: there's no age limit!

The stories are suitable for children aged 8 and up.


  • 'Listen. Stories found in the city' - An exhibition suitable for the whole family.
  • From 30.10.2021 until 27.08.2023 on the 3rd floor of the MAS.
  • Book a ticket 'MAS+ temp. exhibit'

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