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Vessel collection

A cultural value assessment

The cultural value assessment of the vessel collection is complete. It took a year to complete a catalogue of the extensive and diverse collection of vessels, with special attention devoted to the cultural-historical values of the pieces. The final report is a stepping stone towards the development of a clear future vision for the collection.

Pilot project

A lot of work has been done to transport the collection of vessels from the Scheldt quays to new storage locations. Simultaneously, a study was conducted into the cultural-historical values of this collection. MAS staff member Waander Devillé was able to examine the collection in consultation with experts and interested parties. The MAS received a project subsidy for this valuation from the Minister of Culture, as did nine similar pilot projects in the Flemish heritage arena.

Valuation report

The report provides an objective assessment of the cultural value of a vessel based on various criteria such as economic, social relevance, uniqueness and more. A catalogue of the vessels in the extensive and diverse collection is able to be presented for the very first time. The cultural values described form a basis for elaborating a future vision for these vessels. The report not only offers a common language to initiate this conversation, it also immediately focuses in on what the strengths and weaknesses are and where the untapped potential lies.

Note: An equivalent valuation exercise in the MAS pertains to the collection by the philosopher Jaap Kruithof. (Click here). Other valuation projects in Flanders can be found on the FARO website.

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