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Soundtrack Celebration!

Get to know the artists

The expo Celebration! was topped with a unique soundtrack, specially put together by some contemporary Antwerp artists.

Producer Willem Ardui and rapper Jean Atohoun (stage name Jay Walker) make high-quality English-language hip-hop in Antwerp that is marinated in jazz and soul. The pace is slow, the presentation is casual and the atmosphere is chill but also exuberant. To be summarized as: music to sink deep into.
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The Antwerp with Congolese roots is not easy to capture. She combines irresistible soul and R&B with white-hot raps and striking beats. It already resulted in catchy singles such as "Ain't Chasing Pavements" and "My Tomorrow" and support acts for stars such as Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West and De La Soul.
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Corrupted is an Antwerp artist who finds his passion in music and graphic design. At the beginning of 2017 he won the Red bull Elektropedia x Champion Sound Beat Battle, where he was chosen as the best and most innovative Belgian producer.
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DigiCult's style is described as a deep, intelligent sound with a strong 'old school touch'. Beautiful, as it were 'back to the roots' melodies are fused with ethereal female chants and ethnic instruments. 
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Saïd & Salah from the NoMoBS collective, form the duo SLM [ES-EL-EM]. Known for their songs “Ewa Ja” and “Kifesh”, which already reached over 2 million plays on YouTube alone.
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Soul Shakers
King Fu and Kid Solistik are the musical brains behind the DJ duo Soul Shakers, known from Studio Brussel, among others. They bring Tropical Bass, a combination of contemporary dance beats with an exotic twist. Their sets are up-tempo, electronic and extremely danceable.
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Turntable Dubbers
Antwerp's Tim "Timaxx" Van den Heuvel and Dries "Drezz" Buijcks have been the inseparable DJ duo Turntable Dubbers for fifteen years. Together they have already performed on stage at numerous large clubs and festivals at home and abroad.
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