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Leerlingen op roltrap

MAStour secondary education

Students will discover the main stories as told through the four themes of the MAS. These are stories of people with diverse universes; stories of the way in which the river and the port of Antwerp have been the source of meetings and exchanges between the city and the rest of the world for centuries.

Practical information

  • This guided tour is suitable for all years of secondary school.
  • Maximum 15 persons per group, maximum 2 groups at the same time.
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Museum admission: free of charge for school groups
  • Cost per guide: €90 + €5 administrative fee

Price subject to change.


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Bring your class to the MAS

Teachers can act as a guide and provide a tour for their class at the MAS. Or they can book a guided tour for their class.

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