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© Pat Verbruggen

A glimpse of the collection

Until 25.10.2023

The Visible Storage of the MAS gives you a free look behind the scenes. It shows how the museum preserves and manages part of its giant collection for the future. This exhibition treats you to a surprising look at a number of MAS objects.

Each item in the MAS collection tells different stories about the city, about the port, about the world. But each of them also tells a human story. Who made the object? Who collected it or who used it? By telling the story of the people behind the objects, the new exhibition exposes the biography of the heritage.

You got to know the people behind the museum object and see how the piece itself came to life. In the Visible Storage we presented a selection of the new acquisitions of the MAS collection and we showed how collection pieces are restored to be shown in new exhibitions. 

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