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kist op kade voor een schip
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'Freight' takes you through the eventful history of contacts between Antwerp and the world. Together with a guide you start in late antiquity and travel on into the present day. Discover the story of Antwerp, its port and the intense freight traffic.

The guide looks at the freights coming in and out of the city, and tells about people and their special encounters. Look through the eyes of Dürer during his visit to Antwerp. Or listen to the story of three generations of dockworkers. The dark side is also discussed. How did the encounters really go? Was it trade on equal terms? And what about colonial exploitation?


  • For: adults
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Max. 20 people per guide
  • Languages: Dutch/French/English/German, other languages on request
  • Price: € 95 guide + € 25 administration fee + entrance to museum (for ticket prices, see 'Tickets & rates')

Price subject to change.


About the exhibition

wereldkaart met lijnen er op


About the port, people and cargo

"Freight" is the story of a port in the long history of globalisation. From the Vikings to today. A story about glorious periods and extraordinary encounters, but also about the downsides of economic growth.

Plan your visit

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