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City at war. Antwerp, 1940-1945

The expo 'City at war' shows the impact of World War II on Antwerp and its inhabitants. Personal stories and objects of Antwerp citizens make the war and the dictatorship tangible. They are stories of discord, powerlessness, betrayal, violence, but also of courage, resistance and help. They are stories never to be forgotten.

During this tour, you and a guide reflect on what it means to live in an occupied city. What happens when basic values such as freedom and equality fall away? Who becomes the main victim of this and who doesn’t? What role do local authorities and police play? What choices do city residents make: flee or stay, cooperate with the occupier, wait and obey or resist? And together you think about what you would do. 

Practical information 

  •     For whom: adults 
  •     Duration: 90 minutes 
  •     One guide for max. 20 persons 
  •     Price: €90 guide + €25 administrative fee + admission to the museum (see 'Tickets & Rates')

About the exhibition

City at war

Antwerp, 1940 - 1945

Military violence and mass persecution of Jews and dissenters during World War II broke the city. Personal stories and objects make this period very tangible in this new permanent MAS exhibition.

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