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This image introduces Mark De Fraeye's photo series Ahopsan Forest. The centuries-old Ahopsan Forest in Busan has previously provided a backdrop for various TV series and films. In De Fraeye's series, the final part of his photo work in South Korea, the forest itself plays the leading role.

Ahopsan has been in the hands of the Moon family for generations. The current owner, Dr Baik-Sub Moon, is worried about the future. A green zone and ground water protection area designation has protected the forest so far. But the owner says that, almost without financial support, it is difficult to maintain. Moreover, the forest is under pressure from the expanding city.

De Fraeye's series of photos forms a visual manifesto for the preservation of Ahopsan. In this first photo, the forest erects a barricade of bamboo and tall pines, as if aware of its predicament. De Fraeye warns that if nothing is done, only images will remain.

In addition to part of an extensive collection of art and cultural objects that Mark and his wife Patricia Verburg brought together, the couple has donated several of De Fraeye's own photo series to the MAS. They donated the second set of prints from the Ahopsan Forest series to the National Folk Museum of Korea.

Ahopsan Forest - Intro
Mark De Fraeye
Busan, Gijang-gun, fall 2019
Artist’s proof

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