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Research and restauration

Provenance research of the Congo collection

The MAS preserves culturally and historically sensitive Congolese heritage. In what circumstances did this collection of approximately 5,000 cultural objects come into being? A two-year research project will map this out more clearly.

Vessel collection

A cultural value assessment

An assessment of the cultural-historical values of the MAS' vessel collection. A stepping stone towards the development of a clear future vision for the collection.

Ancient Glass

Publication of an extraordinary collection

The ancient glass collection is one of the hidden gems at the MAS. It's part of a valuable glass collection numbering nearly 700 objects. For the first time the subcollection of ancient glass is published in a comprehensive catalogue.

Restoration of a tile panel

The tile panel 'The Conversion of Saul' is one of the most important pieces of the MAS I Vleeshuis collection, the collection of applied arts and history from the city of Antwerp.

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