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Life & Death | Of Gods and mankind

Death is a mysterious, intriguing phenomenon that plays a prominent role in every culture. Some people fear it, while others seek it out. Some see it as a new beginning. How do you feel about death? And which mythical accounts of it do you still have to discover?

Religions of the Book

Judaism, Christianity and Islam are religions of the Book. In the Torah, Bible and Koran, God reveals himself to man.

God's guidelines determine what is a good or right life, and death and burial rituals ensure the proper transition to eternal life after death. At the end of time, the resurrection of all the dead takes place. God then judges their acts of life.

How did believers bring all this into focus? Central to the display was Jerusalem, a holy city for the three religions: because of its sacred events and the buildings that recall them.

Scientists and philosophers, gods and humans all considered our great questions about life and tried to explain the numerous myths.

Belief in the afterlife is a very personal matter, so among the grand narratives you could hear from some ordinary Antwerp folk. They talked about their personal beliefs. You could discover the differences and similarities in their views on life and death.

A visit to the exhibition started with a journey through the darkness, guided by strange sounds that represented the sound of the Big Bang.


  • The exhibition closed on 28 August 2022

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