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Altar of Antwerp

Since 2012, the Mestizo Arts Platform (MAP) collective has been maintaining and renewing the Altar of Antwerp: a participatory installation that invites us to reflect on the meaning of 'what we have lost' in the city. This has been a part of the MAS' permanent collection since 2017.

From the start, the installation is in a relationship of dialogue and tension with the collection of pre-Columbian objects by Dora and Paul Janssen Arts. Both of them talk about Latin America in different ways.

In 2020, the performance 'A guide through time and space' took place as part of the Altar of Antwerp installation. This was a guided tour of the traditional altar of Mexico, the Altar of Antwerp and the Dora and Paul Janssen Arts Collection from the perspective of six Belgian artists of Latin American origin.

'Colección', a series of videos that capture and preserve this experience, emerged from this experience. A reflection on the story of the ancestral cultures of Latin America. This collection is also a question about what the collections are: what do they say? What deserves to be preserved? How are objects and stories connected?

The videos

  • Six short videos by Gerardo Salinas, Lucila Guichon, Joana Rossi, Javier Perugachi, Juan Carlos Boniface and Gea Zazil
  • A production of Mestizo Arts Platform (MAP)
  • With the support of MAS, the Flemish Community, the Embassy of Mexico and the City of Antwerp

The trailer

Gerardo Salinas - Introducción

Lucila Guichón - Altaar van Antwerpen

Joana Rossi - Murga

Javier Perugachi-Fiestas Populares

Juan Carlos Bonifaz - Temazcal

Gea Zazil-Textiles

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