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Purchase memories that endure

Completely devoted to the MAS or looking for an exclusive gift or original souvenir? Be sure to pop into the MASshop, which is much more than your average museum shop. You missed the shop at the foot of the MAS? Order your favourite stuff via the online MASshop.

MAS books

Browse through the books and discover real gems in the assortment on offer: The Making of the MAS.

MAS merchandising

You cannot let the MAS go? Take a piece of it home. Browse through:

  • posters and postcards
  • magnets and key rings
  • pens and paper
  • T-shirts
  • scarves
  • bodysuits for your newborn baby or godchild

All the items are stylish and designed to cheer up your daily life and remind you of a wonderful day out. You want to give someone else a sneak preview of the MAS? Be sure to explore the MASshop. The MASshop offers heaps of original gifts.

The MASshop is a BAI project.

Questions and suggestions?
+32 3 337 59 48.

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