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In 2021 the MAS will open a new permanent exhibition 'Freight'. For centuries, the Port of Antwerp has been a place where goods, knowledge and stories from all over the world come in and go out again. In the expo you will stop at various 'docks' that reveal part of that history. From the first adventurers to the present day, you will learn how knowledge and products created interesting cross-pollinations and cultural exchanges.

The story in broad lines

World trade in Antwerp is characterized by five periods in the history of the city and it's port. These periods have been important in Antwerp's contacts with the world: the origins in the Viking era, the first heyday in the sixteenth century, the Napoleonic revival, the colonial era and finally the modern era in which container transport changed the port forever.


  • On view from 11.12.2021 on the sixth floor of the MAS.

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