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© Sacha Jennis

We call it Riverside but you can call it L.O.

For the exhibition 'Le Corbusier. Linkeroever - Chandigarh’, the MAS closely collaborates with people and organisations in Linkeroever. We met with people from the service centre, the Elsschot library, the ACW, Youth House 2050/Formaat and the City Pirates. We also spoke with two residents’ associations in Europark, had coffee with the board of the Sint-Anna College and the secondary school, and visited River Side Studio.

From the rooftop on the MAS, you can look out over the Schelde and see the tower blocks of Linkeroever. From Europark, you can see the MAS poking out over the Antwerp skyline

So many residents, so many interiors.

At the request of the MAS, photographer Sacha Jennis visited residents of Europark and photographed their interiors. From the outside, the apartment buildings look like identical concrete blocks but the photographs show the individual worlds inside. The apartments, built without any frills, are adapted to the tastes of their occupants. Visit the exhibition and enter the diverse world of the local residents.


Last summer, the MAS approached rapper Young B and River Side Studio and asked them if they wanted to be part of the exhibition. The MAS visited them in the music studio at the City Pirates in Linkeroever and, in turn, the collective paid a visit to the MAS. Everyone was in awe of the panorama with a view of the Europark. 

So, MAS entrusted them with the final space in the exhibition and gave them free reign to make a sound: a cool sound of Linkeroever. A song about Europark, the neighbourhood they're proud of. A song with a positive message: believe in yourself! Only you can take control of your life, no one else can do it for you! “Got dreams I’m striving for, I’m gonna live higher”

River Side Studio

River Side Studio is a non-profit organosation established by young people who have grown up in Linkeroever. They were given the support and trust of the City Pirates, a social football project which supports over 1000 young people in Antwerp with the vision: 'Football as the engine, social Engagement as the fuel, diversity as the power'. With the realisation of this music studio, the collective at River Side Studio wants to support and develop local talent. Through urban workshops on music and language, through assisted recordings, guest lectures and performances by inspiring artists, a community is being built. Everyone is welcome, no matter your skin colour or religion. 

Young B

After a serious back injury, Horna Masanka was forced to give up his career as a professional footballer at a national level. But he quickly discovered a second passion as a songwriter and rapper. His career switch came as no surprise to many of his former teammates. During half-time, in the shower or at the start of a match... even as a footballer he was always experimenting with rhythm and music.

Curious about his song 'Dreams'? Watch the clip: 

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