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Come with your class to Portopolis

Portopolis is the perfect place to discover the port in a playful and interactive way. Immerse your class in the fascinating world of the port. Portopolis offers a free one-hour programme for both elementary and high schools.

Any questions once you are there? The hosts are on hand to offer advice.

You are welcome with your class on Thursdays and Fridays for a one-hour visit, but other times may also be possible.

We offer a programme for both elementary and high schools. Booking is mandatory, at least a week in advance.

Programme for elementary schools

The tour starts on the ground floor with a short introduction to our port map. We will then go on a virtual discovery of the port with a tablet & VR headset.

We then head to the mezzanine. This area features comprehensive information and games tailored to children. Using an illustrated wall, we will give a brief explanation of how the port works.

On the mezzanine, students can earn their port diploma by completing various tests. Can you stack a container yourself? Check. Can you inspect ripe bananas? Check.

Programme for high schools

High school students also start the visit with an introduction to our port map. They can then use a tablet to independently explore what Portopolis has to offer.

Play the locks game, test your knowledge with a quiz on sustainability and innovation, and immerse yourself in the port with a VR headset.

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At the foot of the MAS in Antwerp you will find Portopolis, a free interactive visitor centre. Here you can discover the port of Antwerp in the heart of the city. Put on a VR visor for a 360° tour and feel the port come to life! Walk across the large aeriel photograph and discover all special hotspots on offer in our port. 

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