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In collaboration with Antwerp families

For the exhibition "Anybody home?" the MAS, together with a number of key partners, collected stories from Antwerp citizens about what a "home" means to them. A dozen families collaborated on the exhibition for a year.

For and by families

Ten Antwerp families also worked intensively on the expo for more than a year and a half. Workshops and activities allowed parents and their children to express their opinions about the expo. The children now also feel more at home in the MAS. Some of them are being trained as guides and will soon lead their own class around.

"I think it's really cool that we got to see the MAS behind the scenes and that we got to help out.
It's going to be super when the exhibition opens and I'm going to be able to show my friends and family around."

Cas age 12

"We had never been to the MAS before we got to help with the exhibition, but it's really super fun there!"
It was also really fun to get to recreate our own house in the studio on the lightbox and to make our own lucky charms."

Celeste 8 years


For a year, Studio ORKA collected stories for the exhibition from dozens of Antwerp residents about what a 'home' means to them. People with a migration background, residents of a squat, a residential care center or a houseboat; children who live at boarding school or are part of a blended family ... A 'home' means something different to everyone.

Room with a view

Together with a number of Antwerp schools, the MAS and Studio ORKA collected photographs that children took from their bedroom windows. The compilation of those photos nicely shows how different our view of the world can be.

At home in the city

In the boulevard, visitors will learn about the project "At home in the city," a project of das Kunst vzw, Recht-op, BLOC 2030, and the MAS. Thirty families from the Luchtbal neighbourhood stepped into an engaging journey reflecting on 'home' with workshops, philosophical conversations and outings. The installation shows drawings of stuff and things, sometimes recognizable, often personal.

About the exhibition

Anybody home?

Looking for the sewer crocodile, listening to talking tableware, playing board games or drawing on the walls.... In the playful new family exhibition "Anybody home?" you will explore the MAS collection together with your (grand) children. You reflect on what a 'home' means. And one thing can already be revealed: it is different for everyone. 

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