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Huisje gemaakt uit een boomstronk met lente tafereel, tegenover een lichtbewolkt, maar zonnige hemel
© Pat Verbruggen

Anybody home?

What is home? Is it a roof and four walls, or is there much more to it? Is it a place, a feeling, or nothing more than a memory? What if you don’t feel at home anywhere? Visit ‘Anybody home?’, an imaginative, playful, family-friendly exhibition, and reflect together with your family on what home means to you. Experience how objects from the collection of the MAS bring the different themes to life and listen to the home stories of locals, who are both young and young at heart. Because one thing is certain: ‘home’ means something completely different to everyone.

Theatre company ‘Studio Orka’ and several Antwerp families joined forces with the MAS to build this brand-new, family-friendly exhibition, that was developed with children in mind. Let the stimulating scenography guide you through the MAS’s amazing collection, showing how we seek to protect our home, what we like to show to the outside world (or not), and which home rituals we find important.

Meet characters like the sewer crocodile, the uninvited spider, the professor-philosopher or even tableware that tells you more about the guests who just left. They invite families to look at their ‘home’ from a different perspective, in a fun and engaging way.

The stories that were collected from dozens of Antwerp citizens, both young and young at heart, reveal how ‘home’ means something completely different to everyone. At the same time, it also gives visitors an idea which things or people make us feel more at home. See how different your perspective on the world can be thanks to a project that was developed with Antwerp schools, featuring photographs that were taken from the bedroom window. 

Set to work with your kids at the activity stations: with arts and crafts, philosophizing or even drawing on a wall. For once, you can do all this and more in a museum. Because this exhibition is completely child-proof!


    Visit the exhibition with a treasure hunt booklet for the little ones and find out all about the six special guests Rachel invited to her home. You can find it in the exhibition.

    Practical information

    • 'Anybody home?' is on display on the 7th floor

    Sneak preview

    The Vancutsem-Ramirez family is one of the families who participated in the creation of the expo. They tell how it was done and what they think of the result.

    Objects in the exhibition

    Except for a dozen or so loans, all the pieces on display in the exhibition come from the MAS collection. The objects have been chosen for what they portray, their significance or their (historical) story.

    In collaboration with Antwerp families

    The MAS, together with a number of key partners, collected stories from Antwerper citizens about what a "home" means to them. A dozen families collaborated on the exhibition for a year.

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