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wereldkaart met lijnen er op


About the port, people and cargo

Where are the earliest roots of the port city of Antwerp? What cargoes have been going in and out of the city for centuries, and what do the container ships that call at the docks today carry?

Who set sail in Antwerp, and with whom did these travellers meet on their overseas voyages? How did those encounters really work out? Was it equal trade or exploitation? Seafaring brought wealth to Antwerp, but what traces did it leave elsewhere?

Antwerp is still one of the biggest European ports. Are the port and its trade ready for the future? 

'Freight' is the story of a port in the long history of globalisation. From the Vikings to today. A story about glorious periods and extraordinary encounters, but also about the downsides of economic growth.

  • On display from 11.12.2021 on the sixth floor of the MAS.

Guided tours


Discover the story of Antwerp, its port and its intense freight traffic. Together with a guide, you will depart in late antiquity and travel on into the present day.

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