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The Eilandje was the place where people gathered on their way to the New World. The magnificent Red Star Line steamers moored on the quay just before the bend in the Scheldt River. When the steam whistle announced an impending departure, the quay swarmed with activity. The Eilandje is currently a sought after place in the city.

“Luc Tuymans. Glasses” group tour

Discover Luc Tuymans’s portraits with a guide

Take a closer look at these iconic works and experience first-hand how your appearance changes when you add or omit glasses.

Nelly & Nadine

Magnus Gertten (2022)

The unlikely life story of two women who fall in love during World War II.  Nelly's granddaughter Sylvie delves into her grandmother's personal archives and reveals Nelly and Nadine's moving life story. 

    Sunday 11 August 2024 from 20:00 to 22:00

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