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New admission prices

Starting from 30.10.2021

As of October 30, 2021, the price of admission to the MAS will change. We will bring it in line with those of domestic and foreign museums. At the same time, the discount policy will be adjusted and become more transparent.

Rates from 30.10.2021

when there is a temporary exhibition:

  • Basic rate: € 12
  • Reduction: € 8

when there is no temporary exhibition:

  • Basis rate: € 10
  • Reduction: € 6

The basic rate applies to adults over the age of 25.

The reduction applies to:

  • visitors from 18 to 25 years of age
  • holders of an A card
  • groups of 12 people or more

Free admission for:

  • Residents of Antwerp with an A-card on the first Tuesday of the month;
  • Visitors under 18 years of age;
  • School groups with accompanying teacher;
  • Personal assistants of people with disabilities;
  • Holders of a Museum Pass;
  • Holders of an Antwerp City Card;
  • Holders of an A card for the underprivileged;  
  • Holders of an UiTpas with VT-statute;
  • Holders of a teacher ID  - only for prospective visits;
  • Holders of an ICOM card (International Council of Museums).

Tickets & Rates

An overview of the tickets you can book.

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