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MAS in Young Hands breaks out

In 2020, the MAS is taking a whole new course with its youth program "MAS in Young Hands". What must be stored in the MAS? According to young people, what is heritage and where do we find it in the city? With these and other questions, young people go to work online and offline and will inspire an artist in residence.

"MAS in Young Hands" breaks out of the museum. With concrete questions and a call for ideas about the collection, the MAS attracts all young people of the city. The best-known young creative people and influencers from Antwerp will encourage them through social media. And together with the Flemish expertise center Arktos, the MAS goes to schools and organizations in the city to start a conversation about the MAS, the collection and heritage. The participants can open all registers. Because an annually changing "artist in residence" will go to work with all the collected input  and the MAS collection, . Whether the result is an event, a collection extension, an intervention in the building or an installation, the MAS collection is always central. This young artist, who will be announced shortly, will effectively have a studio in the MAS where visitors can see him or her at work. In this way, the MAS not only brings its museum collection closer to the youth, but the museum also wants to give the term "heritage" a fresher, cooler interpretation. In addition, the MAS also puts together a fixed group of 16 to 26 year olds who look critically at the MAS from a young perspective and co-evaluate the work of the artist in residence. In exchange for this ambassadorship, they receive meetings, workshops and new competencies. In this way the museum develops a lasting relationship with them. Candidates can already register with the MAS. Send a resume and short motivation to

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