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MAS tour for non-Dutch-speakers

MAS, the Museum aan de Stroom, is home to exhibitions that make the connection between the city and the world. On this tour, you will learn the story behind this exceptional building and its collections and exhibitions. Experience the encounters that the river and the port have brought about for centuries. Here and elsewhere.

Watch and listen to stories from all over the world

A guide will get your students looking at cultural heritage exhibits and listening actively to fascinating stories, taking your own language level and that of your students into account, of course. The guide will encourage the students to put their impressions into their own words in a fun way.
The guide will tell you all kinds of stories about the past, present and future of the city and the world. Each one is a history of people with different outlooks and different ways of life. 
The tour will take you to all the themed rooms. Later in the day, you can revisit your favourite room at your own pace.

Send in an elf

No, not an elusive fairy-tale figure, but a poem of eleven words: eleven is elf in Dutch!. Following the MAS tour, NT2 students can send in an ‘elf’. Ideal as a response exercise. This eleven-word poem is divided into five lines:

  • the first line has one word
  • the second line has two words
  • the third line has three words
  • the fourth line has four words
  • the fifth line has just one word and sums the whole thing up

Practical information

  • Accredited MAS guides accompany all tours.
  • length: 2 hours
  • ​language: Dutch


  • guided tour: €100 per group of up to 20 people + €5 administration charge + museum admission (for ticket rates, see 'Plan your visit')

Who is it for?

The MAS tour for non-Dutch-speakers is suitable for:

  • adult basic education: alpha and level 1.2
  • adult education centres: target grades 2, 3 and 4
  • Linguapolis: from level 2
  • Integration/Social Orientation (with the necessary language level)
  • students from French-speaking secondary schools

Download the preparations and retrospective activities for the MAS tour (see below).  
These materials do not have to be used in connection with the tour, but are recommended in order to optimise the quality of the visit.


Book a guide via Experience Antwerp (

Preparation document:

in Dutch:

See also

Plan your visit

Are you planning a visit to the MAS? Then go through some practical information first. Ticket prices? Opening hours? How to get there? Accessibility? Food and beverages? You'll find it here!

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