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Collage van jongeren die door in elkaar verstrengeld zijn.
Noortje Palmers

De Marina

MAS in Jonge Handen and Karen François invite you to visit 'De Marina' from 2 December 2021. A special hang-out for and by youngsters, in the shadow of the MAS.

The youngsters of 'MAS in Jonge Handen' (MAS in young hands) want young people to feel at home at the MAS. They opened a 'pop-up' youth spot in the pavilion at the foot of the MAS. In what they have named 'De Marina', young adults can come and chill, chat, study or listen to music. Together with artist in residence Karen Francois and 'MAS in Jonge Handen', the MAS will be providing a whole range of extra activities.

From 2 December, you can visit 'De Marina' continuously from Tuesday to Sunday.

  • on Tuesday and Wednesday, it's open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • on Thursday to Sunday, it's open from 11 am to 6 pm.

What is heritage? What could be heritage?

Together with Karen, the MAS tries to figure out what youngsters feel about heritage in the city.

Secret Santa

We start in 'De Marina' with Antwerp's biggest Secret Santa! Get inspiration for a gift in Karen's shop or in the MASshop, where you can find much more than you think. In short: that trip along the busy Meir this year isn't necessary. 

Shop at Karen's

Not only do you find every little item that Karen François sells, but also many gift items by Antwerp artists, like:

  • Specially stuffed party animals by taxidermist Viktor Leestmans
  • Drawings by a.o. JangoJim, Studio Stoutpoep, Charlotte Dumortier ...
  • Pins from Kellio From Hellio and patches from the Patch Club. Be sure to check out the collection of vintage pins of "Pins on the white horse". 
  • Do you need some cosiness? There will also be "Sfeerheer" candles by MATMATMAT and scented candles (gasoline scent, anyone? or popcorn?) by Gerhilde Maakt on sale. 
  • Tickets! So many cards! With a special collection by food-photographers Burp, including a meat Christmas stall.
  • Exclusive totebags from De Volksjury
  • We're going international with merchandise from David Shrigley, Rogier Roeters and Chantal Rens.

You can shop at Karen's from Thursday to Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm.

MAS Vegas

During our 10th anniversary in May, everyone could take a chance on Karen's coin pusher. Due to its great success, it is now also available in 'De Marina'! With a bit of luck, you will have a piece of new Antwerp heritage.

A Poop-up exhibition

Studio Stout Poep takes over the toilets of 'De Marina' with the Poop-up exhibition!  Think of a sound installation, neon and prints. You won't get bored for a moment with the interactive game of dilemma.

Coworking, costudying, go go go!

Looking for a place to work alone for a while, to study or just to use the laptop? Take a seat at our long table. There is no age limit on coworking in our pavilion.

Or do you prefer a table to work on your project in a group? We have a round table for this purpose. Please check if it is available or make a reservation

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