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Extended opening hours 'Rare and Indispensable'

Due to great success, the doors of the 'Rare and Indispensable' expo will remain open until 8pm from Tuesday 20 to Sunday 25 February.

We strongly recommend buying a ticket online, this way your access is guaranteed. The expo is entering its final week, so don't miss your chance!

City at war

Antwerp, 1940 - 1945

Military violence and mass persecution of Jews and dissenters during World War II broke the city. Personal stories and objects make this period very tangible in this new permanent MAS exhibition.

Rare and Indispensable

Masterpieces from Flemish collections
    Tuesday 31 October 2023 until Sunday 25 February 2024 from 10:00 to 20:00

Magritte, Bacon, Ensor, Moore, Jordaens, Rubens … These are just some of the world-famous names on display at the MAS. 'Rare and indispensable' brings a unique selection of masterpieces from the Flemish masterpiece list. 

The Virgin of Consolation

New masterpiece by James Ensor in the expo

Recently, the Flemish Community acquired 'The Virgin of Consolation' by James Ensor. The painting had been on the 'Flemish Masterpieces' list since 2007. You can see the painting until 25 February in the 'Rare & Indispensable' exhibition. After that, it will be given into long-term loan at the MSK in Ghent.


About the port, people and cargo

In 'Freight' you stop at various 'docks', each of which reveals a different part of the city's connection with world trade. A journey through the history of the port city. On view on the 6th floor.

Anybody home?

Looking for the sewer crocodile, listening to talking tableware, playing board games or drawing on the walls.... In the playful new family exhibition "Anybody home?" you will explore the MAS collection together with your (grand) children. You reflect on what a 'home' means. And one thing can already be revealed: it is different for everyone. 

Everything of worth

FREE ENTRANCE | What can be heritage? What has value and what does not? A photo exhibition in the boulevard explores these questions. It shows the people behind the city's heritage. And the exhibition is complemented by online stories.

Plan your visit

Are you planning a visit to the MAS? Then go through some practical information first. Ticket prices? Opening hours? How to get there? Accessibility? Food and beverages? You'll find it here!

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