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Museomix descends on the MAS

Museomix is an international event which mixes creativity, innovation and museums together. The second Belgian edition is held this year in November in the MAS. Volunteers will work in teams to take on the challenge to make the visitor experience in the museum more attractive. Come by to see the result of their hard work on Sunday 13 November, when you can also test out their inventions.

Museomix is an international event that annually shakes up museums in different locations around the world. Volunteers work in teams to come up with new concepts and prototypes which bring the museum closer to the public and make the museum experience even more unforgettable. 

This year Museomix descends on the MAS. Museomix stands for creativity and innovation in the Museum. For three days the MAS will be in the hands of 70 volunteers. 

Curious? Come Friday 11, Saturday 12, or Sunday 13 to the MAS and see them live at work. 


Sunday 13 November

  • The museum galleries are free to enter for everyone between 9am and 17pm. 
  • There are sporadic mini-tours which start on the ground floor where you can gain more information about how Museomix works.
  • From 15pm to 17pm the prototypes will be available to view in the Museum. You can test the inventions and experience the Museum in a different way. 
  • At 17pm there will be an appetizer where you can share your experiences with others.


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